Who We Are

Blue Spruce Theatre is whomever is currently involved in whatever we’ve got going on. But it’s often these really cool people:

Jesse Strachman (Producing Artistic Director, Resident Director) Once an actor and singer, Jesse now directs and produces most of Blue Spruce Theatre’s productions. He co-won (with Jennifer Condon) the 2010 IRNE Award for Best Director for BST’s production of Once on This Island. He has several writing projects going on as well, including The OK Diaries which opens May of 2018 at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre.

PJ Strachman (Co-Producer, Resident Lighting Designer) PJ won the 2010 BroadwayWorld.com award for Best Lighting Design for Once on This Island. She has designed lights for all of Blue Spruce Theatre’s productions.

Dan Rodriguez (Resident Music Director) Dan has won many awards for music direction, including Best Music Director in 2010 for BST’s production of Once on This Island. He has gone on to music direct every Blue Spruce production since then, including our concert series at The Burren in Somerville.

Shannon Gmyrek (Resident Awesome Person, Stage Manager) Shannon showed up at the first production meeting Blue Spruce ever had, and had no idea what she was going to do. We needed a costume designer, so she did that. She went on to costume our first three mainstage productions, has done house management, and most recently stage managed Faerie Tales in 2013. Blue Spruce Theatre is super grateful to still have Shannon around to do whatever needs doing.

Kira Cowan (Resident Choreographer) Kira joined Blue Spruce Theatre originally as a performer, taking on the role of Ti Moune in 2010’s Once on This Island. Since then, Kira has choreographed every show Blue Spruce has done, including both Fringe Wars pieces in 2011, and 2013’s Faerie Tales.

Kristin Boucher (Resident Graphic Artist) Kristin Boucher Anderson is a 2004 graduate of Maine College of Art with a degree in New Media. An accountant by day and artist extraordinaire by night, she is known in her community for her graphic design capabilities as well as her talent as an actress. You can check out her website at www.abeautifulmonster.com. Kristin currently resides in the city of Salem with her husband and affable feline companion Radar. Kristin has worked on every mainstage Blue Spruce production since we began, variously doing poster, postcard, program, and logo design.