Announcing The Last Leaf / Still Life

I’m finally comfortable enough with the current set of arrangements that I’m announcing our next show! We still have a number of details to finalize, but assuming nothing falls through, Blue Spruce Theatre will be producing Peter Ekstrom’s The Last Leaf and David Javerbaum & Jenny Giering’s Still Life in our return to the Arsenal Center. Show dates are tentatively November 6-23. Very exciting news indeed!

The Last Leaf is based on the famous O’Henry short story, and it tells the story of Sue and Johnsy (a pair of artists sharing an apartment and art studio), and their neighbor Mr. Behrman. Johnsy falls ill and is determined that she will die when the last leaf on the vine outside her window falls. If all goes according to plan, we will be performing with the full orchestration; however, that may depend on a number of factors, so I can’t make any promises. The original recording is somewhat hard to find, but it looks like you can buy it from

Some of you may remember Still Life from the EMACT festival in 1996. I saw it twice as part of the festival, and the music stuck with me even to this day. It’s a simple enough story: Honey, a photography student, is leaving home for college at the same time that her grandmother Helen (a painter) is moving out and going into a rest home. Honey’s mother Sarah (also a painter) is caught in the middle, trying to cope with the changes all at once. I’m still working out the details of how to get the performance rights to this gem of a piece, but I think it will make a fine companion piece for The Last Leaf. The soundtrack is not available, but you can check out composer and local favorite Jenny Giering’s solo projects on her website.

There are still openings available for our production team, so please drop me a line if you are interested in helping out. Some positions will have a stipend attached. Email for information.

All the best,