Once on this Island: May Update

Dear Friends,

I thought things would be quiet once Once on this Island was cast (by the way, the cast is fantastic), but I was sorely mistaken! So much to do! We’re still talking to a few new team members and making arrangements for our first meeting, and ticketing! A whole new ticketing system! So, that’s pretty exciting.

For our past three productions, we’ve worked with the Box Office staff at the Arsenal Center for the Arts/New Rep, which has been really great. Honestly, they’re such great folks, and you couldn’t ask for more conscientious and thoughtful customer service. However, the unfortunate truth is that their ticketing system is expensive to run; so, that’s forced us to make a change for this season. Our new Box Office services provider is Brown Paper Tickets, which is a relatively new-to-the-scene player in the ticketing industry, but their business model is fantastic. They’re calling themselves the “Fair Trade” ticketing company, and part of their profits go towards various causes and charities (you get to pick which when you purchase your tickets). So, this is very exciting to us as it’s another way for us to fulfill our mission of reaching out to other communities and supporting them.

In addition, changing ticketing providers “de-couples” us from New Rep and the Arsenal Center, and opens up the possibility that we might be able to perform in other venues in the future. Not that we don’t love New Rep and the ACA, but unfortunately a lot of people tend to get us confused. This will help clear that up. For example, we often hear of people talking about Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the “New Rep” – which is very confusing, since New Rep is a theater company, not a venue, and wasn’t actually directly involved in the show. (If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you already know that we’re Blue Spruce Theatre, and not New Rep, nor the Arsenal Center. If this is all still confusing, email me and I’ll help straighten it out.)

In other news, the cast for Once on this Island is fantastic! (Did I already mention that?) We’ve listed everyone on the front page of the website, so I won’t bother listing them again here. In the future I will probably reserve blog entries for more thoughtful, reflective notes, rather than press releases and so forth. I’m hoping to start posting some fun production photos and stuff as well.

I’ve tried on several occasions to install the ability to leave comments on blog entries; I may be upgrading the website in the near future which will allow you to leave feedback. Until then, if you do want to say something, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you might want me to write about, or who else you might want to hear from in the future; so for the moment, please just email me and let me know your thoughts.

Meantime, none of us can wait to get started on the show, but we’ll just have to enjoy the summer first! What a shame.

All the best,
Jesse Strachman