Graphics Design and Cabaret

Portraits Poster

Rachel Baum as both “Johnsy” (left) and “Honey” (right)

In the previous blog entry, I said we were working on a special photo shoot. This is the result. I am quite pleased with it. I will be putting a higher-quality version of this poster in the press section in the near future. Rachel Baum (featured in this photo composition) was a real trooper as we spent almost two hours posting and re-posing her in different costumes, behind the frame, in front of the frame, etc. I’d like to thank Anika Bachhuber, who took the photos, and thanks to Louis and Louise James and PJ Strachman (my lovely wife) who all helped set up the shot and did a lot of the legwork to make this possible. Thanks to Shannon Gmyrek who helped decide what the costumes would look like. Also thanks to Robin, Annita and Richard at Turtle Lane Playhouse; Richard was kind enough to costume our Johnsy for the “painting” part of this photo shoot.

One of the challenges I had was to take this photo and integrate the cabaret in with the poster. In the end I had to make the poster extra long; it is no longer a standard size. This means it’s going to be smaller and more expensive to print. I still think it came out great and I’m very proud of this, and of everyone involved. Now we just need to get people to come see the show!

I’ve been sending out press releases and calling newspapers, but I’ve had a hard time getting people who were available to talk about the show. Obviously everyone is really busy, but I’m trying to get the word out as this is going to be a really special production and I don’t want people to miss it. So, if you know anyone in the press, please let me know and I’ll send you a press packet to send to them, or once I have it on the website they can just pull it from there.

Please, please keep up the word of mouth! Blue Spruce Theatre’s success depends on you. Oh, and just to start the buzz going, we’ve picked a show for ’09. I think you’re gonna like it. More next time.

Take care,